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MSMA is the largest national non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of mail, print, fulfillment, facilities management and shipping/distribution.  Founded in 1981, MSMA has 16 local chapters and several thousand members nationwide.

From the President's Desk..

Houston Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA) is starting  2017 with a big push to strengthen and grow the membership base of printers, mailers, and shippers in Houston.  In a large metropolis such as this the print and mail population is vast and MSMA needs your expertise and thirst for knowledge by way of membership to continue to benefit everyone in this industry that regardless of technological advancements will always be the foundation for communicating with our base. 

Taking advantage of the education and networking opportunities of membership in this association has afforded upward mobility as subject matter experts in an industry that is underestimated and misunderstood by most outside the print, mail and distribution function areas.  This expertise and knowledge impacts every industry; corporation and business.  More importantly  is the cost savings (bottom line) that results from this understanding in areas of, but not limited to postal, print, and shipping, preventing costly errors and regulatory fines.

The Houston Chapter MSMA was formed in 1993.  The original 5 members also became the first chapter officers and those members are retiring or leaving the industry at a rapid rate.  Mail however is not going anywhere.  Regulatory requirements in government and other industry ensure print and mail will always be relevant and new thinkers are needed to keep up with the technology and demand.

Houston has and will continue to host many and varied chapter meetings.  We continue to engage speakers whose messages resonate with everyone in the mail and distribution business, across industry.  The countless universities, convention facilities, theatre/art district, and sports complexes have and will continue to be the backdrop for facility tours and educational events as well as networking opportunities in this beautiful gulf coast city.

 The  current board is planning and looking forward to the next 20 years for the future mailers not limited to Houston, but of the entire gulf coast region.  We want to be a Texas-sized chapter!

To everyone within our Association and to those who want to expand their knowledge and network of mail and distributiion systems by becoming a member of this prestigious organization of professionals we are calling you to action. To begin the journey with management professionals involved with domestic and international mail, office and logistics services, communications, leadership, networking, shipping/receiving, transporation and much more, join us or go to https://www.msmanational.org/  for additional information about offerings at the National level.  The National Association supports each and every chapter as you will see.  

Join us and you will become a member of an exclusive club of print, mail, and distribution professionals in demand.

Sally Rowland-Ketley, CMDSM, MDA

     Evans has been a UHD staff member for 10 years. Recently, she served as 2016 Staff Council President and was also a member of the search committee for the new UHD President and Chief of Police.

Evans is a member of the National Association of College and University Mail Services (NACUMS), Southwest Association of College and University Mail Services (SWACUMS), Houston Postal Customer Council (HOUSTONPPC), and the Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA).

“Being involved is my passion,” said Evans.

Presently, Evans is working to create more of a web presence for the UHD Mail Room.

“Debora is so deserving of this award,” said Mary Torres, director, University Business Services, UHD. “Her peers in the mail and postal services industry respect her passion in always seeking cost-effective ways of advancing the mail processes for the UHD community and the entire industry.”  Courtesy of UHD Website

Congratulations Debora, you are an asset to HMSMA! 

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Debora Evans is HPCC Manager of the Year

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